25th April 2012 – Pickalbatros Hotel – Fez

Exploring the Principles and Values of a Free Society within the Muslim World.


Opening remarks: 9.15 am. Azhar Aslam

9.30 am.   Some considerations on the condition of social, political and economic thinking in the Islamic world. Prof Atilla Yayla. Discussant: Dr Azhar Aslam.

10.15 am.  “A rebellion in a Moslem society: The case of Egypt ”  Dr Shafeeq Ghabra.  Discussant:,  Dr Ali Massoud.,  Egypt.

11.00 am Coffee break

Session II. Legal Principle: Chair Adedayo Thomas.

11.30 am.  The rule of law and good governance in Islamic countriesDr Khalil Ahmad.  Discussant: Dr Hassan Yucel Basademir.

12.15 pm.   Islamic law and development: Youcef Maouchi. Discussant, Thomas Gur

1.00 pm. Lunch  Keynote Speech – Syed Kamal, MEP

Session III. Social Principle: Beliefs and Freedoms: Chair: Dr Azhar Aslam

2.15 pm.   Islam and freedom of conscience, worship and expression. Dr Bilal Sambur. Discussant:  Dr Detmar Doering

3.00 pm.   Amanah, individual empowerment and individual responsibility“? Dr Mazlee Malik, & Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Malaysia.

3.45 pm Coffee Break

Session IV.    Economic Principle: Chair: Dr Nouh El Harmouzie

4.15 pm.   Islam and free market economy: incompatibility or deviation? Dr. Hicham El Moussaoui.

5.00 pm.   Islam: subsidiarity, civil society and development. Mohamad El Zaroug. Discussant:  Dr Benedikt Koehler.

5. 45 pm. Closing remarks / discussion.