By Raza Ullah

This study contests the concept of Islamic state and Islamization in Muslim societies particularly Pakistan as a case. It overviews different sources and discusses Islamization in Pakistan; which initiates in 1949 with Objectives Resolution and onward inclusion of Islamic provisions in the 1973 constitution and  General Zia’s formal Islamization of constitution and society in post 1977 military takeover.  The Islamization process in Pakistan is still an incomplete agenda with some hard questions. The study identifies certain challenges in Islamization process in Pakistan such as how relevant is Islamization to various segments to Pakistani society; what does Islamization mean and how is the issue of varying interpretations and modes of interpretations to be resolved; how to apply Islamization to specific issues and policies such as national development, women’s rights, and scientific education; how to evolve a mechanism for Islamic laws to co-exist with local and customary laws; and the duality of certain laws in presence of Islamic law such as Anglo Saxon legal framework in Pakistan introduced ambiguity in its application.

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