Who we are

Founded in Istanbul in 2011, as a group of think tank leaders from Muslim countries who are dedicated to advance universal human values such as liberty, peace, tolerance, respect, integrity, and equality under the law among the world’s Muslim communities. The Istanbul Network for Liberty is registered as a non-profit foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprising a diverse group of think tank leaders active in various countries.

Istanbul Network believes in a vision of

Free and Responsible Societies in Mainly Muslim Countries,

with a mission

To Explore and Promote the Principles and Values of a Free Society in the Muslim World.


What we do

  • We create opportunities for intellectuals and scholars to exchange ideas through conferences and workshops,
  • We engage with broadcast and electronic media,
  • We provide online resources to equip intellectuals and interested individuals,
  • We run projects to involve young Muslims in the debate about free societies.


Who our audience is

We invest in people. Our target audience include: Muslim intellectuals, young Muslim scholars and students.


How you can support us

We seek regular institutional funding from donors, to be spent on our programs and outreach activities, as well as to develop organizational capacity. You can e-mail Ali Salman (CEO) at ali@istanbulnetwork.org for details on how to support us.


How you can contact us

You can e-mail info@istanbulnetwork.org for further information about our network.


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