Wan Saiful Wan Jan (Chairman)

Founding Chief Executive, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Malaysia.

Wan Saiful Wan Jan is also a Board Member of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honorary Advisor to the Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Advisory Board at Laureate International Malaysia. Wan Saiful lived in the United Kingdom between August 1993 and October 2009. There he worked for several organisations, including the think tank Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit, the British Conservative Party’s Research Department, and Social Enterprise London. He is a regular contributor to several national and regional newspapers. His opinion has been quoted by various media, including the BBC, Reuters, Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Al-Jazeera and The Economist.


Ali Salman -2

Ali Salman (CEO)

Ali Salman is the CEO of Istanbul Network for Liberty, an economist and a public policy expert, he is the author of more than thirty independent studies, reports and monographs on wide range of topics including regional trade, public finance, competition policy, innovation and youth policy. He is also the Director of Research at IDEAS, a leading Malaysian think tank. Earlier, he founded Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME), an independent economic policy think tank in Pakistan and has worked as a consultant for multilateral agencies and foundations. Ali holds master degrees in Economics, Public Policy and Business Administration and is currently pursuing a doctorate. He is the author of “Discord between Economic Freedom and Social Justice in Islam”. He writes op-eds for Express Tribune, a partner publication of New York Times.


Edo Omercevic -2

Dr. Edo Omercevic

Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise, Bosnia

Edo Omerčević has gone through more than a decade of training in economics and finance. He started his tertiary education at the International Islamic University Malaysia where he obtained his Bachelor in Economics (Hons) as well as his Master of Economics degree. He obtained his PhD in Economics from the International University of Sarajevo. His interest and specialization is in the field of money and banking, with special reference to complementary and alternative currencies and monetary systems. Dr. Omerčević is a freelance economist and a co-founder of the Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise (Centar za poslovnu afirmaciju) that is promoting free market ideas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Nouh Elharmouzi -2

Dr. Nouh Elharmouzi

Ibn Toufail University, Morocco

Elharmouzi is the editor of the Arabic-language news and analysis site MinbarAlHurriyya.org (http://minbaralhurriyya.org/) of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation/Cato Institute (USA) and university professor at Ibn Toufail University in Kenitra, Morocco. He is also Director of the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies, the newly created Arab think tank based in Morocco. He served as a university professor for five years at Paul Cézanne University in France, teaching Economic Development Theories and Economic Philosophy & Thought. His main research focus is on institutional dynamics, ideological beliefs, and their relationship with the process of development. He published many articles and research papers in various periodicals and wrote “Underdevelopment in the Arab-Muslim world: what is the role of non-formal institutions?” [Le sous-développement dans le monde arabo-musulman: Quel est le rôle des institutions informelles?]


Souad Adnane

Souad Adnane

Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies

Souad Adnane, is a women’s rights activist in Morocco. She served as a project coordinator for five years in different local and international NGOs. She is currently in charge of coordinating and monitoring a community development program aiming at improving life conditions of vulnerable populations in the MENA region. She is also the Foreign Relations Coordinator of the Arab Center for Scientific Research & Humane Studies.


Linda Whetstone

Linda Whetstone

Chairman of Network for a Free Society, United Kingdom

Linda Whetstone is also a member of the boards of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Mont Pelerin Society, Istanbul Network for Liberty and British Dressage. She runs a small business in Sussex with her husband and writes on agricultural, trade, and development issues. She is also daughter of IEA founder, Sir Antony Fisher.


Özlem Çağlar Yılmaz

Ozlem Caglar Yilmaz

General Coordinator, Association for Liberal Thinking, Turkey

Ozlem Caglar-Yilmaz is the member of the Board and the executive director of ALT. She has been with ALT since she was an undergraduate student, since 1993. She has decided to work on investing in ideas after being involved in politics and some business in younger ages. She speaks on civil society, liberal democracy and on Turkey’s democratization and liberalization; on institutional development; delivers guidance on how to effectively disseminate ideas and to develop interest on ideas of liberty. She writes commentaries; translates, and edits articles and books, develops and conducts collaborative projects, organizes training seminars, conferences and workshops with opinion leaders and intellectual entrepreneurs. She is the editor of the online commentary in Turkish www.hurfikirler.com. Yılmaz studied politics and public administration at Hacettepe University, Ankara.